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This is a list for and about discussing all aspects of Pacific Northwest fandom via facebook and other social networking sites, boards, email lists and more. In the near future most of the content here will be moved to clubs, northwest cons, fandom and other sites to better meld content into a smaller footprint. So, stay tuned and check back.

Northwest Fannish Clubs
Web based discussion/facebook/myspace/email groups

sfnorthwest Yahoogroup Discussion List
sfnorthwest Facebook Page
Northwest Science Fiction Resources web page
Sfnorthwest The Blog

This is a general discussion list for all fans to discuss what is happening in northwest fandom or on the web site

NWSFS Announcement List
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Northwest Science Fiction Society Web Site
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NWSFS News Blog
This blog has 5 sub-blogs, each for a specific topic:
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INWFen Yahoogroup Mailing List

The INWfen email list is for Inland Northwest Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans and Conventioneers.


Northwest Convention League or NWConleague is another long standing organizations in the northwest for bridging gaps between different conventions in the region. This is a great place to share convention running ideas and ask questions via email or on the yahoo groups web site.


NorthwestAnime Yahoo Group Mailing List

Bringing you the latest information on northwest anime clubs and events in the following provinces and states: Alberta, British Colombia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. The list provides the latest news about upcoming theatrical anime movie premiers, anime club marathons & northwest anime & manga conventions.

Cos-play NW

Cos-play NW Yahoo Group Mailing List

COSP is the love of getting dressed up in costume at Anime Conventions. There is now an online group for those that like to do this in the Pacific Northwest. The Yahoo Groups web site has additional information and features. However, quick check the message profile is pretty low of late.

Buffy Fans in the greater Seattle Area

This is a group for Buffy fans in the greater Seattle area. A place where Seattle fans can discuss their favorite Slayer and related subjects. A place where fans can coordinate meet-ups and notify other area fans of local Buffy events and appearances.

Seattle Geek Online Bulletin Board is, in their own words, 'a message board/forum for discussions on geekdom, movies, sci-fi, fantasy, comics, toys, etc.'

The Mad Scientist


The Mad Scientist Yahoo Groups Mailing List

This group is about having fun with chemistry, physics, geology, botany, astronomy, electronics, engineering, and technology. Anything to do with amateur or mad science. Mad Scientists welcome.

Northwest Gaming Group and Convention
Web based discussion/facebook/myspace/email groups

Prop Masters and Developers Mailing Lists

There are a number of lists that relate to the development of props.

First and foremost: the Prop Master Yahoo Group Mailing List

Others include:

Casting Yahoo Group Mailing List
Wires and Circuits Yahoo Groups Mailing List
Stepper Motor Control Yahoo Groups Mailing List

PDXgamers · Portland Area Games Workshop Players Yahoo Group Mailing List

Welcome to the Portland Area Games Workshop Players email list. We are set out to unify the disparate groups in the Portland Area. Our target audience is dedicated players who enjoy playing Games Workshop products. This list is for the discussion of ALL Games Workshop wargames. To clarify that is Warhammer 40k (all editions), Warhammer (all editions), Space Fleet, Space Hulk (all editions), Battlefleet Gothic, Man O' War, Epic 40K, Mordheim, Necromunda, Bloodbowl (all editions) and Warmaster, Inquisitor and basically anything connected to the 'GW Hobby' as we like to call it. Sensible discussion preferable but not compulsory...

GamersFarAfield Yahoo Group Mailing List

We are an open board game discussion forum which includes individual gamer enthusiasts as well as members of various game groups in the Portland/Vancouver area and surrounding areas (nearby parts of OR and WA). The list is patterned after other successful "coalescent" gaming entities such as Unity Games and the SoCal Gaming groups. It is aimed at discussing board and card games with the emphasis is on German/Euro/Designer style boardgames (Settlers of Catan, Acquire, Euphrat & Tigris, Union Pacific, Carabande, etc) but "classic" boardgames and dexterity games (like Crokinole) are discussed and played as well. It also serves as a meeting place to find open game events where you can play and allows local gamers to keep in touch with each other. This will hopefully serve as both a forum and a resource for interested board/card/dexterity gamers in the area. Enjoy!

CorVallis Gamers Yahoo Group Mailing List

Discussion group for gamers in the "heart of the Willamette valley" region of Oregon: Corvallis, Albany, Lebanon, Salem, etc. We meet to play board games mostly, but also enjoy card games, wargames, group games, and other formats.

Denver Gaming Association

Denver Gaming Society Web Site (This is the sponsor of Genghiscon and other gaming gaming events in the Rocky Mountain Region)
Denver Gaming Society facebook page


General and Anime Convention
Web based discussion/facebook/myspace/email groups
Sakura Con

Sakuracon Official Web Site
Sakuracon Mailing Lists
(There are more than a half dozen different lists found at)
Sakuracon facebook page
Westercon 64

July 1 - 4, 2011 - Westercon 64 - San Jose, California
(This is a regional Movable convention and the official web site for this 2011 westercon)
Westercon 64 facebook page