Interesting Movie and Television Series Trailers

New Promotional Trailer for Season V of Primeval

If were not aware of this exemplary BBC series before, check out the trailer for season 5 and see why you should see it now. Dinosaurs and creep crawlers oh my :-)

Green Lantern Trailer

This new Wondercon trailer, unlike ealier edits apparently focused on non comic users, should make you want to see this movie without any question. Check it out. Looks very very good and exciting.

X-Men: First Class

As interesting new movies coming up, one that has a lot of baggage to overcome is X-Men: First Class after the train wreck of the third X-Men movie. Still, this trailer gives hope at an interesting new revival giving a spotlight of the X-Men from the sixties in the last century. Check out the trailer and see what you think.

Assemble Avengers ComicCon Video

There are more than a couple introductory movies highlighting Avenger Comic Book characters coming along with the Avengers Movie itself. The following footage is from Comic Con and includes the actors playing the characters along with Joss Whedon as director :-) When we have an actual trailer we will include that as well.

Captain America Trailer

For those who cannot wait for news about the third installment in the Transformers movie series - here is a teaser and a blast from the past with the a slight rewriting of history of our first steps on the moon. Oh, and of course, the announcement that it will be in 3D. Acknowledging that not all 3D is equal we can assume that Stephen Speilberg and Michael Bay probably have it right.

HBO should be applauded for taking on the task of making a live action series from George R.R.Martin's Game of Throne. Here is a longer featurette on the upcoming 2011 series and some of the actors who will play in it along with the reaction of George R.R.Martin. Also, check out, a site with the latest about this series along rumors and discussion. This show all by itself is enough to make sure you have access to HBO this April as Torchwood is for STARZ this summer. There will be some definite choice tasty bits both for the fantasy and science fiction fans coming this year. Bon Appetite :-)

Cowboys and Aliens Trailer

Yet another translation of a comic book or graphic novel, Cowboys and Aliens looks very very interesting with some good actors and actresses participating and very good effects. Check it out.

Bad Robot doing a Robot Movie

For those that ever wondered why Bad Robot never did a movie about a robot, well, the time has come :-) . Watch Blockbuster preview report about J.J.Abrams and Bad Robot doing a movie from Boiler Plate the Mechanical Marvel. And, in case you did not catch the gist, this looks definitely like a steampunk outing. If you would like to read more or make a comment as they suggest, visit their site or go to the facebook page for the Boilerplate Historical Society