General Fannish Sites
with emphasis on Northwest Fandom
  • Ansible is the Hugo Award winning fanzine that is now available via email. It is well worth subscribing to and by email the price is definitely right - free.

  • The Backroom Weekly Podcast "covers anything and everything related to comics, and is produced by a group of dedicated comic fans." They are located in the northwest. Also check out their facebook presence for more info.

  • The most current version of the John Lorentz's Fannish Email Directory

  • is an online home for a variety of fanzines in electronic format, usually pdf, as well as links to other online fanzines and where they can be found.

  • The Fan Gallery is a photo gallery that until recently has been a touring hard copy gallery of photographs of major fannish individuals. The site indicates that there are hopes to have an online version of the Gallery up soon.

  • Fantastic Fiction Bibliographies is a compilation of over a thousand bibliographies of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror authors. If you seeking information on what a writer has written this might be one place to begin a search. You search either alphabetically or by keyword.

  • Galaxiki is a virtual galaxy with over a million stars and solar systems - each star, each planet and each moon represents one wiki page and site members can name and edit them, creating an entirely fictional world. It's also possible to "purchase" a star or a solar system, so that only you (and not other community members) can name and edit it.
  • File 770 is an excellent spot to drop in and look around this excellent fanzine.

  • Locus Online is the online presence of this quintessential print resource for the science fiction genre. The magazine is where to find the list of what will be published in the coming year, what happened at conventions and much more. You can get a taste of what it is about from their website.

  • Plokta Cabal's news service for science fiction fandom is just as it sounds. A always interesting and always informative run down of events, conventions and other items of interest to the general fan.

  • The Science Fiction Convention Survival Kit for the Neofan is just as it sounds like, an interesting and insightful web site with lots of information for someone contemplating attending a science fiction convention.

  • the Science Fiction FanSpeak Dictionary maintained on the Stilyagi site is a good place to go for learning more about our fannish way of talking.

  • error-file:tidyout.logThe Science Fiction Resource Guide was one of the better collections of all sorts of science fiction links around and for your surfing pleasure, but while it has a lot of interesting links the announcements of new URL leads to dead links. Still a good place to check nonetheless.

  • SF Lovers is one of the oldest and another quite detailed and comprehensive site for information.

  • SFF Net is the new name for what was formerly known as Greyware. Of particular interest at this site is the SFF Net News Server which has many of the Science Fiction Round Tables that were formerly elsewhere. Since this is an open news server and available from the rest of the internet it is of particular interest indeed. If you would like a site specifically for aspiring and established writers, then another forum hosted off this server is Writer's Notebook. If you would like works critiqued then register and explore Writers Workbook.

  • SFRT on the Web is an ongoing online community for readers and writers of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror and now it's on the web.

  • Science Ficion & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) was founded by Damon Knight (1922–2002) in 1965. Today, SFWA's 1500 members include most professional writers of science fiction and fantasy in North America, and many from elsewhere in the universe. An essential site to visit if your interest is writing science fiction or fantasy.

  • The Southern Fandom Resource Guide is a good portal for those into conventions and other events in the southern part of the United States.

  •'s Science Fiction site is a good accounting of the latest on all manner of science fiction in books, movies, television and more. There are reviews and discussion about current events. And there are interviews.

  • SF Site has a wealth of reviews of written works and other comprehensive material. Well worth a look.
Event Planning and Resources
  • Forming a Nonprofit Organization is a site and document with a lot of information about how to get things together to found a non profit.

  • Chairman 101 is Michael Citrak's ruminations on being a convention chairman. This is provided in pdf format and is easily printed. Enjoy.

  • The DOJ's Americans with Disabilities Act web site is just as it sounds, a useful resource for knowing the ins and outs of the needs and requirements that should be looked out for by conventions for those with disabilities.

  • Steering Clear of the Most Common Legal Hazards in Association-Hotel Contracts is a useful article with general interest for anyone negotiating for a meeting or convention.

  • Greening the Hotel Contract gives a run down on some of the considerations of being environmentally friendly.

  • Tips for Easier Hotel Contract Review is just as it sounds and a good resource to take a look at.

  • All Facebook's blog entry for How We Got To 40,310 Facebook Fans is a how to from a business point of view getting yourself noticed on facebook. It has some possible good thoughts for con runners on how to get noticed as well.

  • A Guide for Filk Czars is the accumulated wisdom of Gary McGath coming from his putting together Filk programming at Boksone. The lessons learned there are likely pertinent for those putting together content for Northwest conventions. Also, of interest, in the same subject area is InterFilk: Promoting the Sharing of Filk Music which should be an additional resource for understanding this aspect of convention fandom

  • Garth Spencer's list of Convention running resources is an ongoing and growing site with links to resources that might be appropriate for those interesting in running a con, especially a Canadian con.

  • The IFEA or International Festival and Events Association has a web site that contains useful information for any organization wishing to take up the responsibility of running an event. The current site excludes certain info except to members, but still is a possibility.

  • So you want to run A LARP (Live Action Role Playing) Game at your convention is an account of what is involved.

  • Convention Planner gives a variety of links to site specific areas, including hotels, restaurants with function space and much more. Certainly worth a look.

  • Free Management Library for For-Profit and Non-Profit Organizations is a useful resource with a wealth of articles that may not apply specifically to your state in which you plan to run your convention, but is a place to start and consider options.

  • Non Profit Center is a 501C3 with a goal 'to strengthen nonprofit organizations for a better community'

  • The Non-Profit Schmoozefest is a Seattle based online and real life meeting ground for those involved in non-profit groups and events. Take a look and see if this might provide useful information.

  • NPower has a mission of 'helping other non-profits use technology to better serve their communities'. There seems to be useful information here, but some of their services and, especially their consultants, are for pay. Still, worth a look.

  • Philanthropy Northwest was formerly known as the Pacific Northwest Grantmakers Forum, In their own words. 'Philanthropy Northwest is a professional association of grantmakers located in or funding throughout Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington and British Columbia, Canada.' Looks like a site well worth exploring.

  • Washington Festivals & Events Association is a not for profit group which is a networking resource for those putting on events in the Washington area. COMMERCIAL EVENT RESOURCES
    Convention Industry

  • The CIC offers its members many tools and programs designed to support the industry and meet its challenges, facilitate the exchange of information and ideas, educate the public on the industry's profound economic impact, and ensure its credibility and high standards of quality.

  • Exhibitor Magazine brings you the best practices in trade show and corporate event marketing, from the most successful companies in the world.

  • Expo Web - The purpose of the EXPOweb is two-fold. First, it is an educational resource for show organizers. Second, it is a tool to help exhibitors and attendees locate the expositions in which they would like to participate.

  • Meetings & Conventions magazine has been helping meeting and event planners in corporations, associations, incentive houses and independent planning companies excel at their jobs and effectively manage their careers.

  • MeetingsNet is the meeting industry's portal for information and resources related to planning meetings and events. The Meetings Group of magazines provides comprehensive coverage of meeting planning issues, trends, and events in five focused areas, association, corporate, insurance/financial, religious, and medical.

  • Meeting News The complete online source for news and information for the meeting, convention, incentive and trade show professionals. features the latest industry news, searchable article archives, crucial business resources and much more.

  • Meeting Professionals International (MPI) is the leading global community committed to shaping and defining the future of the meeting and event industry.

  • Seven Things to Put On A Flyer/Poster/Ad/ is a concise run down of what needs to be communicated either in print medium or as I might add on a web site.

  • Special Events - Leading magazine covering the events industry.

  • Successful Meetings - is dedicated to serving the needs of meeting planners online. As an extension of Successful Meetings magazine we feature their in-depth coverage and analysis of key issues affecting the meetings industry.

  • - IEG established sponsorship as the fourth arm of marketing, alongside advertising, promotion and public relations.

  • Washington Festivals & Events Association  WFEA describes thesemlves as being "a Washington state-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to 'support the festival and event industry of Washington State by providing educational, commercial and networking opportunities, and by addressing industry concerns and issues.' WFEA programs educate and support festivals and events, and the people who manage and supply them. WFEA works to improve the understanding, recognition, andappreciation of the vital role of festivals and events in society, as people come together to share and celebrate community."

  • describes itself as "We represent Artists who worked on Star Wars, Harry Potter, Dr Who, James Bond and other cult sci-fi classics who can be seen on our web page" I take no opinion on this site, but it may be useful for those beginning to create a media presence at a con.
Fannish History Sites and Museums
  • The Geocon Pages is is a site that preserves past web sites and information about this convention that seems to have passed into history.

  • Norwescon Archives is a slowly growing site of archived web sites and information about past Norwescons. Norwescon is a major regional science fiction covention taking place in the Seattle area usually over Easter weekend. This also includes general informationa bout the con as well.

  • SWOC archives of past Westercons and NASFICs in the Pacific Northwest as run by that organization. This includes a link to the old Westercon 56 page for which I was bid chair.

  • Seattle EMP/Science Fiction Museum located at the Seattle Center is an exemplary venue of artifacts and events relating to fannish history. It also a venue for the experience music project which is well worth seeing as well.

  • Timebinders - Preserving Fannish History is primarily a link to the mailing list but also a community of people intent on preserving fannish history.

  • AV Club Primer to Doctor Who 101 is a well laid out article with video clips of previous iterations of the Doctor. For anybody new to the subject or would just like to do a refresher course, this might be a good spot to check out.

  • The Fanac Fan History Project is an awesome compilation of documents and photographs, information and more. Whether you want to discover an odd bit of filking or see a photograph of Harlan Ellison this is the place to find it. Check it out.

  • Don Glover has a set of pages concentrated on the history of fandom in the northwest, included in this are the Northwest Conventions History which is somewhat outdated Index and Norwescon (Unofficial) History

  • Seattle Museum of Mysteries describes itself as "  a paranormal science museum with exhibits, library and cultural center
    exploring the legends,lore, UFO history, Bigfoot and haunted locations of the Northwest." From their west Seattle location they also have comedy events and other interesting things to check out. Check out their facebook page for additional info.
All Things Steampunk

In terms of communities check out some of these blogs, magazines and other purveyors of information about this fast growing part of fandom


All things Costuming
  • The Witty Little Knitter is a web site devoted to all things about knitting for Doctor Who costuming, especially sarves.

  • The Costume Gallery is a portal site for finding a broad range of web sites dealing with costuming. You can also find out more via their facebook page.

  • Cosplay wiki is a general run down of this popular for costumed performance art. For a beginning run down this is possibly a good place to start if your new to this form of fannish costume play.

  • is a forum/community site for fans of cosplay. It has, as mentioned, a forum and gallery for members. Another place to learn more share accomplishments in cosplay.

  • Dragonfly Design Studios is a compendium of online resources for costumes, jewelry and other that you might want to consider. In a recent visit I also found two additional sites that they maintain for their products: Old Fashion Halloween and The Mourning Sampler

  • Dress Like A Pirate is a phenomenal site for all manner of different costuming needs including steam punk, pirate, bucaneer, victorian, burlesque and more. Also, check out their facebook page for other details and notifications.

  • Faerie Fingers describes itself as "making costumes professionally since 1997 and has gained a wide range of skills in that time. Whether the ensemble is clean and simple or flamboyant and ornate, the first priority is to provide people with beautifully well made costumes that make them look and feel like a million."

  • High Tactical Corsets is exactly what it sounds like and an amazing site to go along with it. For those into corsets or high function high fashion with milspec pouches and buckles this is the costume accessory site for you.

  • Laughing Moon Mercantile is purveyor of sewing patterns, clothing and accessories, with a special emphasis on Victorian balls, Dickens Faires and a host of others. For the costumers in the audience with obvious interest for those into Victoriana and Steam Punk fair, this may be a site for you.

  • Magical Fashions is a source for " belly dance costumes from saris, banjara cholis, skirts, salwar-kameez, lehnga, cholis, jewelry, hand bags, home decor and other bellydance accessories" Not specifically fannish, but potentially a source for certain costuming needs that make this a site of interest. There facebook page can be found here.

  • Satyr Forge describes itself as being 'functional art for the passionate adult' and warns that it is appropriate for those 18 and older. These include collars, whips and more. In the latest visit there is only an email contact on the web page.

  • Seams Like Magik by maryJane is a source for custom designed renaissance and medieval clothing.

  • Seattle Knights are a live action, live steal and equestrian group that do a variety of shows at various events as well as television and movies, including Sleepless in Seattle, Northern Exposure and more. They also 'teach historical performance fighting techniques for a variety of weapons as well as hand-to-hand combat'. Check their web site for details.

  • Valentine Armories specialise in custom-made armor and authentic historical reproductions. Their Northwest representative also indicates that they do rentals. The rep also indicates they will have a presence at Rustycon and Norwescon.

  • Wizard and Warlock Tatooing is a one person show with a facebook page and a phone and is just starting up in the Bellevue area. Check out his photos of some of his body art and see if it is of interest.
All Things Zombies
  • A World On Fire - A Zombie Blog is, well, a Zombie blog. For those who are in search of information on those undead critters in search of braaaiiins, this is one place to peruse.
All Things Gaming
Resources for expanding the Gaming Experience
  • Escapist Magazine is an online installment of reviews and commentary on a wide ranging number of games, court cases that impinge upon gaming and much more.
All Things Comic Book Fandom, Graphic Novels and Comic Books in General
  • Comic Alliance describes itself as "home of the ComicsAlliance blog, where comics and things that are awesome team up and crossover to your FACE." and that makes it an appropriate links for All Things Comics. You might want to also check out their facebook presence.

  • CBR or Comic Book Resources is an excellent portal with news, reviews and much much more for both print and video comic genre information. For more information about or in addition to the site itself you can visit their wiki site or their facebook page

  • Comic Book Price Guide is the portal for the print mainstay for collecting comic books. It is also an interesting portal for a veriety of news surrounding the collecting of comics.

  • Invest Comics or "Your Entertainment Investment Guide" is a wide ranging portal for those interesting in using comics as an investment resource. No comments in this regard, but the site does have some eye candy and interesting items to look at.
Fannish Language learning
  • Klingon Language Institute is the place on the web to get a good first exposure to the Klingon language.

  • Move over Klingon speakers, here come to Na'vi. If you are a fan of Avatar and what with the prospect of at least three movies in all, you might want to think about becoming blue. Learn Na'Vi will get you started in that direction.
  • The Na'Vi Wiki is another great place to check out for an ever growing compendium of information about this invented language.
  • These are a couple of YouTube searches that might prove useful: one is a search on Na'Vi Language Lessons. Start though since this is a dynamic search you will still get some non language related videos such as photoshop tutorials on changing a photo to Na'Vi. Some other attempts at searching YouTube for Na'Vi and language brought up some even more surprising things from photoshop tutorials I alluded to above to, well, I will let your imagination go to items not even closely related to Avatar and Cameron.
  • This is not related to the learning of Na'Vi, but for those that would like to transform a photo of themselves into Na'Vi avatar, visit and get the blue look on.
All Things Media
  • Airlockalpha describes itself on its facebook info page as a " The science-fiction, fantasy and comic book-related Web site that has been informing and entertaining the masses for more than a decade. You haven't soaked in the news until you've made a home at Airlock Alpha."

  • Beyond Hollywood is a collection of news, reviews, trailers and more about movies, television, games and more, not all genre, but should be of interest whether the big screen, the small screen or a game console near you.

  • Comic Book Resources or CBR is an extensive resource for those in love with the whole comic book genre, with the latest news, thoughts and reflections and much much more in an attractive web package. Well worth taking a look. And don't miss their Spinoff Online, which is an intersting and eye candy for all things surrounding scifi entertainmentment programming and more.

  • has a wealth of reviews, preview video, pictures and much much more in a thoroughly eye candied web environment whether they are highlighting upcoming movies, television shows, dvd, bluerays and more. If you want to get possible insights, potential release dates and more this is a good place to start. Also, check out their facebook presence. Not strictly fannish in content, it will still have lots of interest.

  • Doctor Who Online is a truly attractive and comprehensive site with lots of news and more. If you are a Whoofile this is an excellent site. It also has the good graces to be located in Britain. It also sports an extensive youtube channel, DWO forums to rate and discuss episodes and, of course, the DWO Whocast Podcast Page and the obligatory DWO Twitter page.

  • Fantastique - the Magazine of fantasy, horror and science fiction cinema is reviews and much much more. And, as the name might indicate, there is also a French version of the page. I will note that the last look I made I found the reviews to be from April when it was August, so there may be some outdated material.

  • is not so much a site to find information about genre news, but an exemplary site to actually watch the shows you hear about. While many shows, particularly US will be unavailable or only showing clips, the site has a surprisingly complete set of anime series in complete form albeit subtitled in Japanese. Goto their anime channel or to one of the individual series pages. Ones that come to mine include Bleach (155 episodes), Naruto Shippuden (173 episodes), Full Metal Alchemist and more. Where available they have English dubbed offerings. They do encourage a paid service, but you can watch many series offerings for the price of enduring advertising, sometimes being offered watching a longer advert for the freedom the watch the rest without any. You will need to register with the site. A site worth looking at, at least.

  • io9 is a site that warns "we come from the future". With a wide ranging mixture of all things popular culture in the media realm, whether movie, television, comics, gaming or speculation. Check out their facebook presence as well.

  • Inside Trekker describes itself as a blog about all things Star Trek, Doctor Who and Sci Fi. A great site with lots of info and video.

  • The Motion Pictures Props Company is an " Online magazine dedicated to movie props and the love of film and the film making process. Props, Models, Wardrobe and Sets the whole shebang!" You can also find out more from them on their facebook presence.

  • Rabiddoll is a darker and edgier media news site with lots of interesting news and more. Check it out.

  • Scifi Movie Page is everything you might want from a site concentrating on the motion picture side of science fiction, fantasy, animation and everything else along those lines. It is also an attractive design with lots and lots of eye candy. You can also discuss things and find out additional information on their facebook presence.

  • SuperheroHype is a site with news about upcoming superhero and genre movies and television projects, forums and much more. Well worth a look. Also, check out their facebook presence to get more info and get your word in.

  •, of course, given some of the great televised series including Eureka, Warehouse 13, Sanctuary and Haven, to name only a few. Also, check out their facebook presence for additional info or just visit their SyFySocial page.

  • VizME Ultimate Trek Fan Token Contest is part community, part contest and something entirely different. I make no judgments about it, but you might want to check out their facebook presence, Twitter or check their RSS Feed.

All Things Anime
  • For those looking for a wide range of online video choices the hulu Anime Channel is a good place to start. While not perfect, they have a wide range of series choices with some dubbed and many more subbed.
Online Communities of interest to Fandom
  • Gaiaonline is an online anime community forum and fan site that I list with some cautionary notes noted. In checking reviews it is indicated that though an extensive community site it is in the words of reviewers a PG-13 site.

  • I include with some caution in order. Apparently a William Shatner project, it cites itself as The SciFi Industry Community. This almost is an indictment by itself, but I include it here for those so interested.

  • SyFySocial is where you can get it touch with your favorite science fiction channel about its programming via twitter, facebook and more.

  • Trek Passions describes itself as "100% free online community site for singles with a passion for Sci Fi." I take no opinion for or against, but include as a site of possible interest to some.